Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Purchasing with honor in 3.1, an illustrated pvp gear guide list

I've not seen any proper listings or tables on the net yet that places everything in one place, so I hope this will be helpful to you:

The following will show you the items you can purchase with honor in 3.1, and also their prices!

As you can see the old savage class-specific sets have been replaced by shiny hatefuls. Take note that those prices are with pure honor, and you can actually purchase discounted versions if you happen to have arena points. In those cases, please refer to your arena vendor.

The total cost of the set above,
would be 2 x 31600 + 3 x 49600
which will be 212, 000 Honor points
which is about 3 x honor cap

Thus, if you're gunning for the set pieces without arena points, it might take a while!
Especially with the new wintergrasp quest changes.

Personally, I think you could try replacing a hateful chest that is ilvl 200 with a wintergrasp vendor chest that is ilvl 213, and just grab the other 4 hatefuls for the set bonus.

Let's move on to the non set piece items:

In 3.1, we can see that blizzard has given the honor vendors plenty of upgrades, no more of the blue savage gladiator gear now. What you see are hateful and deadly purples!

Instead of only hateful gear, you can now buy deadly pvp gear with no rating.

For most people, you'll probably be better off using the wintergrasp trinkets over the medallion, although some might find the battlemaster useful. The medallion has underwent a steep discount however, if I recall correctly it used to be 49600. Most people will want to pick up the full set of deadly gladiator Wrist, Belts and Boots, Back and Ring.

Hey, thats almost everything.
Well, assuming you don't go for the trinkets, here's how much things will cost:

38,000 x 3
49,600 x 2
31,600 x 1
to a total of 244, 800 Honor

All in all, if you totally buy everything and everything from the pure honor vendors alone, you would be spending and farming giant piles of honor and spending them at the same time due to honor cap!

To buy all honor pieces, you would need 212000 honor points for set pieces and then 244800 honor for accessories for a total of 456800 honor points.

Well, that's going to take a while...
All the best in honor farming and pvp pursuits!

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