Sunday, May 3, 2009

My com has exploded! And now I need a new com. Blast you flame leviathan!

Houston, Houston, my com has been downed! Its undergoing emergency repairs now. It, however, did not drop any phat loot, & I for one, hope it can get repaired and won't require salvaging.

The funniest thing is that it died on the shutdown phase of the leviathan, (I've been getting people to try the continuous application of pyrite barrels instead of bursting) when my computer entered a shutout of its own.

When flame leviathan, that unfriendly fire truck, was spewing out its golden rockets, my graphics card were sputtering in spasms as prismatic flares flashes across the screen.

I suppose this wipe was inevitable, its a 3-year old desktop, which makes it an antique by modern definitions. I even had a friend come and overclock the processors and graphics card a while back, just to keep the fps in raids. Now that its final spark has extinguished, I'm waiting to see what the repairman has to say, but I'm already planning for a new computer entirely.

So far I've been hearing good things about Dell PCs, especially for the higher range models. (say for gaming) My colleagues have told me that they have a 24 hour service if you sign up for it where they come to your pc at any time of the day to repair it, no questions asked. That sounds like a pretty strong argument, and the prices don't look that bad either. The only thing is the looks of the Dell PCs, which seems to pale a bit in contrast to perhaps HP. Hmm, I guess I'll have a bit of time before the reports from the repair labs come back.

In the meantime however, I'll live off a borrowed computer from my friend. That means no raiding, and I'm dreading the 7 hour installation and patching process. On the plus side however, that means I have more time to work on this site, patching the tags into the posts, and polishing up some posts with new information and ideas.

I'll probably work on the Flame Leviathan series (FIRE TRUCK)
Which I had the overall strats and loot stuff crammed too tightly into my first post. Following which I wrote a follow up to address the the more pressing issues.

I'm also thinking of refurbishing the PVP issues, and also the low level twink item gold opportunities in the coming future!

*wtb new com*


Shlomi said...

I would definitely recommend a pre built system. Some builders will put together a PC and warranty it for not much more than the cost of the parts.

If you're looking for a wow rig, make boxes specifically tuned for maximum fps, minimum price.

Sherry said...

Wow, the gamer rig looks really cool!

I guess I'm still holding out for news on my downed com for now, to see if it can be repaired.

Cathy said...

I think nothing makes me more mental than computer issues. I think my only big issue now is 25man raid lag. Isn't too bad on 10man but 25man can be a nightmare.

Hope you are back up and raiding soon:)

Sherry said...

Yeah, it was really scary to see green and blue lights flash across the screen when the Flame Leviathan was spewing rockets.

Thank you! I've passed leadership responsibilities in the meantime also. So i'm chilling while my com is down

Anonymous said...

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