Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Noble on Medivh, my ultimate egg spawn point spot

And that is it for me, noblegarden is as good as over. I have braved many ignoble people, but at long last I have my eggs and meta-achievement.

As is customary, here is my top secret hunting location that I now share with you.

Yep, 5 spawn points, literally right next to each other. You don't even have to move a single yard. Also, the grass patch and alcove nearby will also have 3 spawn points each.

If you can find a quiet time, you can probably round up 7 eggs per minute, its almost like fishing. If there is really no one around, its pretty helpful to read a book or newspaper/blog as you wait for it to spawn. Even on busy times, a lot of people will miss quite a bit of the spots you can see above.

That is my easter gift to you!
The ultimate noblegarden egg spawn point spot.

I'll have one or two more posts up soon on my thoughts about this week, as well as a gold related post (yes, finally). Check back soon!

For those who wish to see my previous post on how to deal with noblegarden jerks, here are the 6 ways to kick their ass.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flame Leviathan Hard mode reduxed, upgraded and updated: Towers, Loot, and resets

I'm currently trying to compile a list of the Emblems of Conquests that you can obtain per week, if you would like to help out, please click here

I'm typing out this update so as to more pertinently and directly address certain questions which result in people arriving at my previous post on how to kick flame lev butt with towers up. As well as to answer certain questions that I did not have or provide answers for before.

We'll begin with one I was severely amiss to have neglected:

How do I activate Hard mode???
Yep, I wrote the whole previous article without talking about this.

Well, the way to do EASY mode is to simply talk to Brann Bronzebeard, who will automatically transfer you to EASY mode, following which you just steamroll a path to Flame Leviathan and face roll :D or if you're pugging it, wince in frustration

If you're looking to pay some repair costs, the HARD mode is activated by talking to the Lore keeper of Norgannon, he will then activate all 4 towers. There are now 4 towers in the clear path to Flame Leviathan, simply DESTROY the towers you DO NOT want to see Flame Lev use, and leave the towers you want up.

If you intend to do hard mode, and it just so happens that THAT person in your guild just had to talk to brann, having everyone exiting the instance, and forming a new raid group with a new instance id or doing a reset, should theoretically work.

Why should my guild do hard mode?
You don't really have to, but here are the benefits

If you're doing 10 man, you should really do at least 1 tower up, because that will give you TWO emblems of CONQUEST instead of 1 emblem of valor, yes there is no typo, you read that right. You get a ilvl 226 emblem like a 25 man raid instead of the ilvl 213 valor emblem.

If you're doing 25 man here is where it gets really interesting!

(?) stands for unconfirmed, if you have a screenshot, or loot data, please feel free to update me
I'm compiling these data from what I've heard from friends and other guilds

Towers up | no. of 226 items | Emblems of Conquest
0 up | 2 items(?) | 1 EoC
1 up | 3 items | 2 EoC [Confirmed]
2 up | 4 items(?) | 2 EoC
3 up | 4 items(?) | 3 EoC (?)
4 up | 3 ilvl 226, 1 ilvl 239 | 3 EoC (?)

Take note that while Titanguard is ilvl 232, it drops from all modes of Leviathan as all Ulduar weapons will begin from ilvl 232.
Also, while not confirmed but highly likely, each tower up will increase significantly the chance of a fragment of val'anyr. It is possible that runed orb will replace this in 10 man.

!0 man tentative loot tables: (by popular request)
0 up | 2 items | 1 Eov [Confirmed]
1 up | 2 items | 2 EOC* [Confirmed]
4 up | 2 items + 1 232/226(?) | ? EOC
Would also appreciate further data, thanks anonymous!

Towers to leave up, Recommendations and Advice

All towers will summon moving beams of certain colors that will AT LEAST do a 15k damage AOE, so its a case of DO NOT STAND IN THE FIRE :D. Furthermore, each tower up will add 50% HP AND DAMAGE to Flame Lev

I'll first explain what the towers do:
Towers | Beam Color
Thor, Storms | Yellow
This is the easiest tower by far, and has no special effect, however I *think* it 1-shots passengers who are flung through a beam into the giant yellow fire truck leviathan.
Hodir, Frost | Blue
One of the tougher towers by skill, but easiest on gear. All movement speed is reduced by 20%, only siege engines should be worried by this, and the beams gain the ability to iceblock in its aoe. Iceblock can and MUST be removed by tarring + ignition.
Freya, Life | Green
This tower summon lasher adds, simply ask your demolishers to focus fire on them. They add a bit of extra damage to the raid, and that is about it.
Mimiron, Flames | Red
Pretty much the killer, the beams leave a flame path that deals 15k damage per second. If you're unlucky the flame beams will route into your Fire Truck Kite path, and then your siege engines die, horribly. If not, your raid might be stuck with a fire wall blocking their way, or have one popped right behind them as Fire Truck closes in.

How should you go about them? i.e. What towers should you start leaving up in order of difficulty.

Y, G, B, R
Thorim, Freya, Hodir, Mimiron

Any tips on Preparation?
Do Eye of eternity 25 man first, followed by Vault of Archavon both 10 and 25 man if it is up. This way you get ilvl 219 to ilvl 232 (pvp) gear that you can use to Pimp your cars. Ignore all set bonuses and whatsoever before boarding your vehicles! Only ilvl is considered in the creation of your car. You can be a plate warrior and wear cloth healing gear. (Not that you should roll on blanketing robes of snow if your healers need it, they will scream! and rightly so)

And that's it, GL in pwning Fire Truck's engines!

Monday, April 27, 2009

6 types of Noblegarden Griefers and how to deal with the cheap tricks they employ

For those of you who need a egg spawn spot, the link right there will show you the one I used. It'll get you your spring rabbit in a jiffy.

With noblegarden on the servers, jerks have been finding new ways to annoy the rest of the rabbit loving populace. They are out to get you, but never fear, I present some of the greatest ways to take terrifying terrifying vengeance back on them...

In order of frustration:

6) The Mailbox Camper

You know this person, he's the Tauren on his Kodo humped over the mailbox, or the Draenei on his elekk blocking a quest-giver, or anyone with a mammoth and an Napolean Complex. He's been griefing since you were a level 1, blocking your access to anything that ever needs you to right click.

Now, he has plonked his big fat kodo butt over your egg spawn point, and he's not going to budge.

Here's how to resolve this overgrown monstrosity:

It has wiped raids from thaddius to kologarn, it shall now wipe the floor off of mammoths, I present



This particular mammoth was innocent, but was unfortunately the only one I could find in Dalaran.

5) The wannabe cat druid

He's a disgrace to the tauren and night elf druid community everywhere. This is the druid that shapeshifts to flight form just to nab that herb node from under your nose when you're clearing the mob, or that particular water hyacinth that you're trying to get when there are 12 other hyacinth right in the area for him to go to.

This is the cat that whizzes around the starter zone and hovers about until you start seeing an egg and moving towards it, then he sprints up, takes it, and /spit on you. Following that he tails you for another 10 minutes, blowing his sprint cooldown whenever he can just to aggravate you.

Here's how to give him a tight smack:
your 100% mount
mount up, ride to the other edge of the zone, loot your egg.

thanks for the rabbit on dreadsteed picture!

If that didn't work, you might want to take a stick out of his book, and turn the following griefer style back on him:

4) The AFK-Looter

Yep, another person you know. Its THAT person, THAT person who jumps at Alexstraza's Cache in Eye of Eternity and refuses to budge. THAT person who clicks-clicks-clicks on the 4 Horseman Chest and then goes off to the toilet for 15 minutes. He does this for everything that can be opened, from quest chests to loot chests, he's the bane of questers and masterlooters everywhere.

You will see this guy run towards the egg, and start opening it, and...
stand there for the next half an hour.

Well, its actually not that harmful, as even though he takes up an egg spawn point, there are still plenty more to go around. Its a good counter-measure against the no. 5 griefer however.

3) Your zone has a sudden infestation of all three griefer types mentioned above

Ouch, it happens. You'll need to break out the big guns for this one.

Remember the Elune stones, the moonstones, Archmage Valganoth summoning staff, BRD drill machine, Crashing Thrashing Racer? Take them all out of your bank and go crazy. If your class has flashy aoe, go all out with that too. With all the flash and bang from that, maybe they'll think twice about coming near you if you make it hard for them to see the eggs too.

2) You have no. 3, and to compound it, you must face the Lag Monster.

You're in Elwynn Forest, or Durotar, and you have the entire server population there with you. There isn't a square pixel without a rabbit or two, and each spawn point is overflowing with rabbits AND their rabbit pets. But wait, all the jerks on your server are also there with you! You see sparks start flying, and Noblegarden is starting to look like a really bad time to log into wow...

It might just be a good time to visit some old places that you've never been to for a long while, like Mulgore for the Horde, and Dolanaar for the Alliance. They look to be 50% to 67% less crowded for the servers I've looked at, and there'll be less jerks anyway!

1) Exasperation

You've come into Noblegarden looking for a good time, either frolicking with cute rabbits, or perhaps one of your pitstops in getting a 310% speed violet proto-drake, but you've had your mood fouled by quite a bit of these jerks in your first few days of the event.

Well, now this is a hard one to combat. Its not easy to fight off endemic greed when its every other person you see in the starting zone who thinks its a dog eat dog world out here in a virtual game world. While we can't do anything directly to them to stop them from polluting our grasslands, (wtb ability to attack own faction) I feel the best way to counter their plague is to:

Do a nice deed as your "daily quest"
Just because so many people are out to screw other people over, doesn't mean you have to let them make someone else's life miserable!

Just a few hours ago, I waved a lvl 58 over to my egg spawn point after watching her being mercilessly beaten to egg spots by a no. 5 cat druid griefer. (lvl 58s still have to use the 60% mount I guess) I simply AFK-Looted the egg until she came over, and then closed my window so she could loot it.

Later on, when I was going to do the hot springs achievement in un'goro, my rabbit disguise got broke because of the devilsaur >_<. It just so happened that the same lvl paladin was around to throw a timely blossoming branch to turn me back into the rabbit and get my achievement!

If your day is being ruined by Ignoble-garden Jerks, try to make someone else's day! Karma will be sure to turn around for you! At the very least, you would be glad having put a smile in another person's heart!

If you missed out on the spawn point at the top, I've updated it and the link is here!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Random thoughts on Noblegarden

After looking at the 4 starting zones, It looks like a good idea to go Silvermoon / Thunderbluff
Following which, if there are still like 29 people in your zone, camping at an egg spawn point might be the best thing to do. I just got a Spring Circlet from an egg!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Flame Leviathan Hard mode guide with towers, for the less hardcore

I've recently made a more updated version and Q&A about this post here so you might want to check it out.

I had a rant about managing my guild and about ulduar, but i thought it would be better if I wait until i had cooled down a bit more before i made any decisions.
To get my mind off that, here's a how to guide from my PoV on how to tackle Flame Leviathan using a mixture of people types in a guild that isn't so hardcore. This doesn't have a lot to deal with gold making though, and more about me leaving my thoughts on how to do flame leviathan down, so bear with me!

Basically, Flame Leviathan with 0 towers up, isn't even really a boss fight, its more like Archavon, but easier. Its a Pinata Train! So skipping that, I'll move straight to 1 tower or 2 towers up.

Here's a breakdown of this long post:
a) Preparation
b) In Combat
c) Recommended Towers to leave up
d) Looting the flame leviathan
e) Leviathan the loot pinata, and how it can make you richer

What I had my guild do, was run 2 25-Eye of Eternity, yep 2.
2 x 20 people, the first run was a skeletal crew of tanks and healers with quite some alts thrown in for good measure. The second round had about 23 people, filled mostly with the remaining people and some family/friend members that had logged on. All in all, it will drop 8 ilvl 226 items. For the people who need it, they got their items. We got off with 5 ilvl 226 items that will be used for the flame leviathan fight that would otherwise be disenchanted.

The reason for this is, while Flame Lev. is gear dependant, it only looks at the ilvl of your gear, not the itemization. So you can be a plate wearer and chock in leather healing gear that is ilvl 226 and your vehicle stats will rise. (yes i wore robes of blanketing snow to tank flame leviathan, all our healers had it, and leather stuff, and mail stuff)

Because of that, and previous gear from OS3 and KT25, i ended up with about 1800k HP on my siege tank. For other vehicles, your HP and DMG will also scale up along with your gear ilvl.

(if your guild can't take down eoe easily, you might try running ulduar 10 for ilvl 219 gear too)

Actual Fight:

Basically, the fight has 3 phases
1) Siege engines kiting Leviathan around
2) Demolishers launching passengers onto Leviathan in the meantime to take down the 4 turrets
3) Blowing cooldowns on leviathn during shutdown, and picking up people from phase 2, following which you go back to phase 1

For the siege engines kiters:
Kite it like Grobbulus or Anub'rekhan fight, around the entire room, Leviathan will randomly select one of you siege engines (or if you're unlucky a demolisher). Simply use the boost (button3) to clear corners, and get your ass away from leviathan. Those who are not kite targets, press button 2 to interrupt flame jets (its channeling, so activate enemy cast bars). Each kite lasts for about 30 seconds, generally, 5 seconds before kite target change, you would have your siege engines spread a bit, and start running the opposite way.

For Demolishers:
Stay at max range from Leviathan, while waiting for your guild leader to call out for launches. After you launch your passengers, wait till phase 3 starts, and fire away with your saved up pyrite barrels.

For Choppers:
You have the toughest job in this fight, this role is best reserved for people who are good at playing action games, but have horrible gear. You need to spread tar in Leviathan path (generally a good way is to tar the current kite targets actual location, since leviathan will go to that spot anyway) and also to pick up the parachutes in phase 3.

With towers up, whether you succeed or not depends on how many shutdowns you can get on Leviathan before all your siege engines and demolishers die.

You will want your two best (ilvl 226 geared) kiters on the siege engines. And your most agile (in terms of reflexes) player on the choppers. The launchees simply have to be geared enough to take down the turrets while withstanding they heavy and constant incoming damage. Keep your demolishers far away and launch as soon as possible each time. Have choppers tar the area and the shooters in siege engines and demolishers fire on the tar.

With the basic gist of the fight out of the way, here's what happens when you have additional towers:

Mimiron: Flame paths succeeding fireballs
Hodir: Ice beams and iceblocks
Thorim: Lightning bolts
Freya: Lasher Adds

Generally, here's what towers you should leave up depending on your group composition (and i don't mean by class)

Group with people that react quickly, but has terrible gear (because they are alts/just came back/using pvp gear) i.e. skills > gear
Do Hodir first, it slows speed down by 20% and ice beams activate that iceblocks targets. So long as your choppers melt the iceblocks fast enough (just tar and incinerate), it acts as 20% slower movespeed on the fight as a whole. It means you just need 0.2 more shutdowns than as normal.

If however, you have a bunch of tired people filled with ilvl 226 epics, you should opt for leaving thorim up. Thorim basically increases the damage sustained by your raid by incredible amounts , but ilvl 226 equipped players should be able to take the extra incoming damage. Otherwise the fight is equivalent to normal mode.

(Do note that for every tower up, Flame Leviathan gets more HP and does more DMG)

Using those 2 as starting points, the next one you should try leaving up is Freya.
The lasher adds can be resolved by simply having your demolishers burn them down everytime they come up, which is pretty easy for anyone to do.

Once you have successfully done those, lets get ready to loot the pinata train!

Each Additional tower increases the chance of Fragments of Val'anyr dropping.
My guild had the luck of two having dropped so far.

I have never done 0 tower up before however
But on 1 tower up 3 ilvl 226 items drop
I assume that at some point, an extra ilvl 226 item drops and later it will get converted to a ilvl 239 item. Could someone help me confirm this?

(for people doing 10 man, you might be interested to know that 2 Emblems of Conquest drops when you have even just 1 tower up)

And you should try keeping a person with engineering in your raid, they can salvage the train for around 16 random bars (I think my engineer got titanium bars) as well as random eternals. A friend has told me that titansteel bars also drop.
And thats about it, tell me if you find this guide helpful, or have any ideas on how to improve it.

Gold making element:
Flame leviathan with 0 towers can be easily pugged. And it has a chance of dropping Iron Riveted War Helm, pretty much the best dps plate helm you can get from the Auction house at the moment. Which you can probably sell for 8-11k gold depending on your server mileage.

The ideal way to do it is, organise a ulduar raid on monday nights for puggers, and invite them only if they accept that you have reserved the BoE helm. Make sure they understand that Iron Riveted War Helm is reserved for you, before they join, so that it is fair and ethical for both you and them. Zone in, kill Leviathan, loot him and run out. People will join because they get an easy 2 runed orbs, as well as a chance of ilvl 226 items that is MUCH easier to get than from Emalon. And it is the last day before reset, and a lot of puggers that have done naxx will be unable to find slots for ulduar simply because they just aren't very good. You can employ the Archavon people to zerg Leviathan and still be able to down him. If you're lucky, you get the helm and you can sell it the next day. If not, you get at least 2 runed orbs on your alt before reset.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pvp Profiting: Kharmaa's Grace, aka turning stonekeeper shards into gold

Firstly, Yes you can have more than one Kharmaa's Grace, for further information, please continue reading about how to obtain and profit from it!

Now that 3.1 is out, you might also be interested in pvp gear you can buy with honor too!

Perhaps you're reading this as you wait for your wintergrasp to begin, if so, you're just in time. If you have all those stonekeeper shards from wintergrasp and heroics, more at hand than you'll ever want, you've come to the right place. Here, you'll be shown how to get rid of them.

In the entire 7 page inventory of the wintergrasp quartermaster, there is one, and only one, single item that is bind on equip: Kharmaa's Grace. In essence, also the only way you can turn stonekeeper shards into pots of gold is through these epic quality yellow slot gems. And you just heard it first from here!

While people save their shards for the budget mammoth mount or the twink pvp Bind to Account gear, It's your best chance at getting rid of excess shards. Every lvl 80 looking to pvp will need at least one of these gems, a unique-equipped purple quality gem that will give a whooping +20 resilience, also the only wotlk epic gem in the game so far besides the elusive fishing stormjewels.

And if you act fast, you'll be just the one to sell this gem to them! As this is relatively less well known, and there are lots of personal uses other people have for this currency, it's your chance to stockpile them before season 6 starts.

When Season 5 was at its most exciting period, I could sell these gems for 100-150 gold, but more ehave entered the AH over the past few months, increasing the volatility. However, as a result, I have been able to purchase during flood periods at 20 gold and sell it back at select hours for 80 gold, which took less effort on my part than before. (where i used my own shards)

Recently, I've curtailed liquidation, in anticipation of season 6 in a week or so. Now is your chance to do the same!

Do take note, if you do this trick too late, you might be caught in an unlucky tide where people have already spent their stonekeeper shards on everything they could, and start moving into the resilience gem market.

p.s. feel free to do this stockpiling on medivh, i've left the gem market there for more lucrative industries, just dont cut into my other servers :P

For another way to pvp to riches, check out my earlier article on liquidating honor into gems.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Patch Ulduar so far, Day 3.1

As of now, most of the people in wow are either rushing off into Secrets of Ulduar or busy spamming their screen with glyph making. As for me, I've been popping in and out of the raids, watching instance servers crash and login servers going down, and brewing coffee while looking at a perpetual loading screen of blue death.

If you're reading this, I would presume that you're facing a similar server overload on your side and can't get it, or in a scenario where you can access the internet but not wow.

You might then want to have a recap of what I've prepared on this blog for 3.1 so far:

For the level 80s in the new content,
you will probably wish to read up on
What you should look out for when buying and selling epics in 3.1
and if applicable, say if your server has lesser hardcore raiding guilds density, you might wish to check out which items you really need to sell while you still can especially if you are still doubtful about emblem of valor bracers.

If you're level 80, but not raiding at the moment, you might wish to check out:
The last lvl 70 daily you'll ever do
and certain things to look out for when you're exploring icecrown.

As for some of you out there, who might not have reached 80, there are also a few tricks and treats you can employ at lower levels, which even some lvl 80s can use with success.
For those just starting out, here's something you can do even with a level 1.
For level 20s, you might want to check this out if you're a tailor, and this if you're a leatherworker.
And that would be all for now, do check back regularly for more updates!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Exclusive Update: Buy Rare quality Gems with Honor Points

If you came here looking for pvp gear to purchase, you can see my list of honor gear prices here

Apparently Blizzard has started listening to the people who were objecting to the 75k honor cap, especially since there was no way to liquidate the honor once you were already at the cap. In order to solve this, blizzard has made a change that was not mentioned anywhere, until now.

They have given the jewelcrafting vendor in the Orgrimmar (alliance will have their own equivalent) the ability to sell you blue gems for 10,000 honor points. Yep, you heard right, at the honor cap, you'll be able to buy 7.5 scarlet rubies and either sell them straight away or cut them and sell. It is a pretty good way to deflate the market however, especially since a lot of people predict that gem prices will slowly skyrocket when season 6 begins and ulduar easy mode enters farm stages and people grab tons of new gear with sockets.

For the horde, you will be able to buy them from lady palanseer

It would be best to slowly sell half your stock at the highest possible price you can fetch, and then keep a watch out for the next gearing phase of 3.1, likely within a few days to a week. So for those of you who are honor capped and have nothing else to buy, do so now! You might want to spread this knowledge out to your friends as fast as you can because when word gets out (like if it makes it to wowinsider) another horde of gems will start flooding the marketplace!

You might also wish to check out how to turn your wintergrasp tokens into gold here!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Buying and selling: Things to note when selling bracers

Now that ulduar is out, more and more people are desperately liquidating their purplish assets before they drop drastically in value. I've seen several more opportunities, and had a few more questions directed my way. One of the more common ones is the prices the bracers should go for.

For people looking to sell their emblems of valor, if you have 60 of those then the next logical choice would be to convert them to bracers and sell them. As it is currently, I discourage the conversion to either frozen orbs or scarlet rubies if you have more than 60 emblems, as while the bracers will now embark on a process of devaluation, the decrease in price is not so sharp as to be less then the next highest alternative cost. That is, converting 60 Emblems of Valor into 60 Emblems of Heroism and following that into 6 scarlet rubies.

At least for the next two weeks, I do not expect the EoV BoE bracers to fall below 2 x the price of 6 Scarlet rubies/frozen orb (whichever is higher). That is, a good ballpark in which you should sell your bracers at would be.

Let's just call the price of a cut/uncut scarlet ruby/frozen orb a liquidating unit, where we take the value of whichever one of those three end products at its highest value.
On Medivh, that would be about 85 gold for a cut gem.

Minimum (for quick sell) = 9 x liquidating unit
which would be 765 gold, the lowest price I would sell at on medivh
at least for the next few days

Maximum price = 12 x liquidating unit
which is 1020 gold
If I can sell a bracer at around +/- 100 gold of this sum then I would consider it to have been a good trade.

Some of you might wonder why I use 9 units instead of exactly 6. Well, you must consider that if you try to sell say six runed scarlet rubies, you risk the chance of flooding the market, causing you to relist the same product several times, or even worse, deflating the value of that particular gem market. Furthermore, converting all the emblems to gems and so on and so forth would in real like curtail a processing charge. A rough estimate of all these will give you the 50% markup on prices I provided above.

An idea to keep in mind is that market price is not the intrinsic value of the item, but the aggregate price in which a purchaser is willing to pay for it.

If you're reading this page because you intend to buy bracers to jumpstart your ulduar career, and you wish to see how an equitable price for the bracers can be calculated, then you can factor the above breakdown into your considerations. If I were to buy bracers in these few days however, I would seek to purchase them at at most 6 x liquidating units, as I believe that is the minimum floor level the bracers will drop to for the next 4-6 weeks. That is, for medivh, 510 gold.

The key component in all these trades however, is that you must act fast, be it in buying or selling. Everytime a new patch breaks, markets has never failed to fluctuate violently, and you'll see prices go up and down to incredible highs and lows. The best way is to ride the wave as fast as you can, and retreat early to safeguard your profits. I hope that answers the emails I receieved :D

Cheers! Ulduar in 12 hours!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

I'll have to eat my words

I was wrong, Ulduar is coming out tomorrow.


To buy or not to buy, pre-ulduar

When I logged in today, I had a flurry of guildies whispering me about tomorrow's maintenance.
For the record, I do not believe the patch will take place tomorrow.
Although if it does, I'll be logging into blogger and editing this statement. (joking :D)

There are two questions that are probably floating around out there, so I might as well address them now before the patch, and then copy and paste from my post into gchat/msn later :D

1) While 3.1 will most probably not drop tomorrow, 14th April, tuesday, might herald the end of season 5. I personally think blizzard will probably delay season 5 till a week after, or at the very least initiate freezes of one sort of the other. Do note that while points and rating are being reset, honor and hidden ratings will carry over.

What this means is that, you can probably expect less demand for pvp oriented enchants and gems and slot augmentations. Basically, anything that has the word resilience in it! That goes for crafted pvp gear too! If you still have those, try to limit your production of those goods. For me, I'm holding back my resilience gems and scrolls until at least one week after season 5 ends, so that when season 6 begins, a new flood of buyers will come in and snap up the augments at elevated prices.

2) My friends have been noticing that BoE epics from 3.0x have been dropping sharply in price with all the doomsayers forecasting the bombing of prices post-ulduar. While I do not doubt that prices will drop, it will not have such a rapid decrease as some people seem to think. In this confusion I've snapped up excellent deals like a surge needle ring for 70% of usual prices, I purchased it for 5500 gold and sold it around 5 minutes later for 7200 gold. The same went for a nobles deck, where I purchased all 8 cards for 4200 gold and sold it back to the market as a deck for 6000. Those are some of the items you can watch for on your server, as they are ilvl 213 epics that will still retain their value even into ulduar. If you have the money to throw, I recommend you pick them up once they hit 60-70% of their usual price, and then try to push them back into the market as fast as you can. Another good item would be arcanic tramplers or boots of impetuous ideals. Certain interesting ones would be Je'Tze Bell and Tears of Bitter anguish, but I would advise greater caution when dealing with those.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

5 items you need to sell before 3.1 (for BoE epics)

While still relevant, this post is slightly outdated. If you wish to read about patch 3.2 preparation, you can click here.

With the ulduar patch coming in a few weeks now, I've been asked by several people on which items to sell while they still can. Today I'll cover the bind on equip gear, since these are the items that costs anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand gold. Some of you probably have some in your bank, or you have to find some way to liquidate your guild bank before patch hits. Today's post will show you 6 items you need to release back into the market before 3.1 hits.

Basically, the items that will be the worst hit will be those that have an immediate BoE ilvl 226 or ilvl 219 upgrade from ulduar. People looking to gear up their mains or alts, will hold off buying the following items, since it would be more cost efficient to purchase the higher item-valued slot piece instead of buying a ilvl 200 item only to replace it a few days later.

Another criteria for selection, is the exclusion of any future ilvl 226 BoEs that require runed orbs. Requiring 15 Emblems of Conquest, runed orbs will likely be an expensive commodity for quite a few weeks to a few months following patch release. Each crafted BoE will require about 5-6 runed orbs, which would be about 90 emblems. That would be almost enough to buy t8.5 head and chest piece. As such, I highly doubt that runed orbs will reach equilibrium prices anytime soon and will remain overpriced and expensive.

While some of the following items are still a decent placeholder for a newly minted 80 starting to gear up, come 3.1 there will be a disparity between these epics and the highest tier ilvl available, seriously devaluing the amount by which you can sell them for.

Thus, without further ado, here are the items that needs to go into someone else's inventory:

1) Anything that goes into the wrist slot
That is, basically any Emblem of Valor bracers that you have.
The key reason you should sell them off now, is because
a) more and more people now know that there is no further use for valor tokens, and the next thought that goes through their mind will be to convert them to bracers and sell it off, increasing your competition. And to make it worse, they will be willing to sell them at any price, driving it down to perhaps 500-800 gold each.
b) the week ulduar comes out, guilds will rush through ulduar-10 to ensure extra gearing up of their raiders, not to mention a large army of people waiting to bite their teeth into ulduar through pugs or small guilds. Ulduar-10 drops a plethora of ilvl 219 bracers, meaning that people gearing for bracers will be looking at the ilvl 219 wrist slots, and not your EoV bracers.
For a more detailed run-up of the bracers, check out my previous post.

2) Jewelcrafting:

Titanium Impact choker will be replaced by
-Nymph Heart Charm

and Titanium Earthguard Ring by
-Signet of the Earthshaker
although druids might still go for the Jewelcrafting ring

3) Tailoring:
Deathchill Cloak, Wispcloak

Will be replaced by
-Asimov's Drape

4) Blacksmithing

Spiked Titansteel Helm, sell it before
Iron Riveted War Helm appears on the AH

and the same goes for Titansteel Shield Wall
before people go for the ulduar 25 shield Northern Barrier

5) Leatherworking:

Get rid of Giantmaim Legguards, since Darkcore Leggings will be dropping in ulduar 25

With this list in hand, its time to hit the AH and trade channel and sell them off before their prices depreciate!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Breaking News: ilvl 219 EoV

I just found several shocking statements by the blues regarding EoVs on the blue tracker

You can read the blue tracker here and here
You might have to scroll down a bit

Certain key points can be derived

-Ulduar10 drops different colored EoVs
-Nothing besides relics/totems/idol/sigils will be added to the EoV vendor
-Blizzard doesn't "want piling up a bunch of emblems now to give a big advantage when a patch launches where someone buys a set of gear from the beginning."
-Which means, you won't be able to buy Tier8 tokens with EoV if things remain as they are until patch day!

What does this mean for you?

Sell your EoV bracers! Now! Yesterday!
Sell them while they still fetch anywhere from 1k to 3k!!!

Well that is, it depends on whether you still have any use for Emblems of Valor before Ulduar hits. So before I begin making premature decisions, here are still some last few things (besides selling the bracers) one could buy with it:
1) Off-spec Gear
2) PvP Gear
3) Tier tokens and remaining items for mainspec Gear

Why shouldn't one start liquidating their EoV stock?
1) You plan to change your spec immediately, or when ulduar comes out.
2) You've been pvping, and you just need that one or two more set pieces to get the bonus
3) You've only started raiding recently, or you've been really unlucky, and you really need that gear upgrade.
For those reasons, you might indeed make a better investment in gear upgrades than in liquidating your stock.

If you don't belong in the above categories, or unsure of where you are, you might then want to consider the following.
1) If you have an offspec, but you don't think you'll be using it for serious raiding anytime soon. Go ahead and sell your 60 badges, ulduar 10 and 25 will be dropping plenty of gear, and both versions will drop gear that are half a tier to a tier better than whatever offspec gear you can get from the vendor now.
2) If you're more pvp oriented, or you intend to start soon, just sell. Arena season has ended for now, although you can still earn and spend points for another week or so. (Do correct me! I have not really been keeping up with season 5) The new ulduar 10 badges can still be used for hateful gear. But more importantly, Ulduar 25 conquest badges can purchase Deadly gear. If you have yet to start pvping intensively, wait for ulduar, sell your badges now while they still fetch a pretty price.
3) If you have gear upgrades from the vendor still, but they are more of sidegrades to minor upgrades. Just go and sell your bracers, Ulduar is a few weeks away, and most of what you have now will be upgraded the raid you attend right after patch drops.

And if you're hesitating, here's why you should start selling now
a) There will be no further use for your emblems, you cannot buy tier 8 with it, so there is no point in saving it up to get instant upgrades the day 3.1 hits live.
b) The only way to liquidate EoV pre and post patch as a result, will be to buy these BoE bracers and sell. However, there will be a huge difference in the price they can fetch pre and post patch. Currently, the ilvl 213 Bind on Equip wrist gear are decent to best possible gear slots for a great many classes and specs, and are pretty much the BEST bind on equip bracers any class can get. BUT, once 3.1 hits, and the huge horde masses towards ulduar, you'll soon see ilvl 219 bracers hitting the auction house. That is because half the wrist slot drops in 10 man ulduar will be bind on equip, like this and this and this and this. I think you get my point!
The demand for the old ilvl 213 bracers will definitely tank(of the submarine type, not the soak damage kind).

Ultimately, you must make the right decision for yourself.
As for me, you'll find me in trade channel broadcasting "WTS 60 eov bracer, pst"


For those new to the site, you might want to check out my recap of past posts

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rolling Recaps

Normally on tuesdays, I would be sniping last minute auction house bids to get the best deal, but it looks to be rolling resets today, so I was chilling with friends at a cafe instead of camping the AH. I'll probably run around collecting limited supply vendor items once I reach home.

In the meantime however, maybe you'd like to have a recap on what is available on this blog thus far?

The posts currently on this blog can be separated into certain accessibility tiers, ensuring that there is at least one gold making strategy available to everyone! Here we go:

For anyone (lvl 1+)
Explanation of a tried and true method used to build up seed money on new servers, or for people new to wow.
This post guides you on how to sell vendor pets to other players through the AH to make a few quick dozen gold pieces even on your level 1 character!

My guest post at warcraftecon
This article shows you how to prepare for patch 3.1, even if you're not lvl 80, but have tailoring

A follow up to the above article
This one is for Leatherworkers!

For people with burning crusade (lvl 60+)

The last lvl 70 daily you'll ever do!
This is for everyone! Even if your fishing skill is 1

On the good old burning crusade reputation earned leg enchants
Yes, those agonizing days spent grinding thrallmar rep, can still earn you decent money!

For people with WOTLK (lvl 70+)

Icecrown Resistance goodies
Get them while they're hot! Guilds will be needing them in ulduar

And that's it for this round, hope you find this recap useful
Over and out!

Monday, April 6, 2009

3.1 Patch Preparation, Twink Item: Barbaric Bracers

You can find the level 80 version of PVP bracers here

Welcome to another feature on making gold at low levels, be it in profession level or character level. If you're reading this before patch maintenance, you might want to take a peek at the AH for good bids on the mats provided later in this post. For those who are reading this during patch maintenance, well, there's always tomorrow's AH market!

Well, my first article on this theme was with the spidersilk boots over on
It's a pair of tailoring boots that gets stealthbuffed into the best twink boots in the 10-19 bracket once 3.1 hits live.

Today, I'll however be covering Barbaric Bracers, so that Leatherworkers won't feel as if they are left out of the action.

Before: Barbaric Bracers
After: Barbaric Bracers

Basically, the bracers keep their 4 Agi and 6 Stam
But the totally useless 6 spirit gets converted into a sizzling 8 AP.
Yep, once again, another blue item has been stealth-buffed into the ultimate twink leather bracers.

The materials for this one is slightly tougher to come by however, so you might want to start looking on the AH.
8 Heavy leather
2 Cured Heavy Hide
4 Small lustrous pearl
1 Raptor Hide
4 Large Fang

Yep, that's quite a grocery list. While the reagents are cheap, it might take a while to build a sizable stockpile of all these in time for patch 3.1

If you start early however, I think you can probably make each bracers for about 1-2 gold, and sell them for 35-60 gold once patch hits. They used to sell for 25 gold before the patch, and with the current buffs making them Best In Slots, I'm pretty sure the twink buyers can be persuaded to part with that much more gold! This beats all other competition for the best bracer in the lvl 20-29 bracket.

You can even slap a +9 stamina enchant on it for good measure, and sell it for a slightly greater premium. Ah well, to all those lvl 20-40 leatherworkers out there, all the best in sizing this opportunity to work towards your epic mounts!

There are a few other items being stealth-buffed that holds pretty good potential, so stay tuned as I attempt to cover them all!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Summation Mondays

It's been 12 days since this blog started, and i've gotten a few emails and a few days of spikes in page views, which has been more than i expected!

I'll take this time to address the e-mails that have piled up, and the search questions that sends people to this blog:

I'll start with this search result, what is the disenchanting skill level required for ilvl 213 items and up. I've had a few related searches and an email on this. Well, my answer is...
I'm not too sure myself! Since I'm the guild disenchanter, my enchanting level has sat at a comfortable 450. The old formulas to calculate minimum disenchanting level also do not work. I would venture a guess that it is between 375-400. I'm afraid I can't help much with this D:

Do send me an email or leave a comment if you can provide an answer!

The other topic I'm getting lots of hits and a few emails from are that of low level ways to make gold. It seems really popular, and quite a bit of people love the prairie dog whistle. Stay tuned, for I'll be adding more low level ways to make more gold!

Once again, do let me know if there's any particular level range or theme which you want coverage about!

Last, but not least, here's an excerpt of what one reader sent
Hi Sherry, I've really enjoyed reading a new blog that brings a refreshing change from the other blogs out there that helps people make gold with minimal time spent, and I've recommended it to my guildies, keep up the good work and update more. Would you like to consider putting pictures up on the blog though? Just to add a little spice

Well, I'm really not sure how to get an image host up and running actually. Could anyone help? And thanks for recommending it to your friends, I hope this blog can continue to grow like a gigantic feast! Please help to spread the word!

Friday, April 3, 2009

The last lvl 70 daily to do

If you're lvl 71 and up, you might know that the lvl 70 dailies you spent half an hour everyday doing rewards much less gold than you were used to due to the conversion of gold to experience. As a result, the Isle of Quel'danas dailies only gave out about 4-5 gold, and quickly became deserted.
These days, no one even goes to shattrath anymore.

However, there is one lvl 70 daily quest you might not want to miss!

That would be the fishing dailies that starts off in Terrokar Forest,

It's a quest that sends you around the world catching fishes, upon which you receive a bag of fishing treasures. The reason why this quest is still profitable is because all the rewards for this quest comes from the bag, which gives you pure gold (about 5-10 that averages to 7gold19silver) which does not get converted into experience, nor is affected by the gray quest level. Furthermore, you will get pretty decent vendor junk (which can go up to 10-25 gold) as well as "pimp my bank alt" equipment!

Here are a few things you can expect to get:
Noble's Monocle that you might have fun selling in trade chat.
Antique Silver Cufflinks: Wowhead's buyout price for this is 50g!
The 2 Ring which might still have collector's value

And if you're worried about your fishing level being insufficient, you would be glad to know that there's a chance in 5 of you getting the crocolisk quest, which requires a fishing skill of 1.
You basically have to fish up a crocodile in orgrimmar, stormwind or ironforge, hearth back to dalaran and take the portal to shattrath again.
To top it off, its the only way to get one of three extremely rare crocodile pets, like chuck

So if you're preparing to skill up your fishing before patch 3.1 and the lvl 80 fishing dailies hit, do pop by good old shattrath once in a while and help me say hi to A'dal!

And don't worry about competition, for one, no one is in outlands these days but death knights.
For two, no one can steal your fishes from you!

P.S. for exact step by step guides to each of the five dailies, stop by El's Anglin

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

3.1 low level crafting item feature: Silk Headband

Ah well, Now that April's Fool is over, move along move along :D
That was pretty sharp there, Anon.

As promised, here is another update on twink level crafted items that will come into vogue when Ulduar hits live:

For the previous item feature at warcraftecon, hit here

Today, we'll be taking a look at the silk headband, a white item on live servers.

Silk headband 3.0x
34 Armor
Required level:27
Normal (white) quality

Silk Headband 3.1+
34 Armor
+2 int
+8 Spi
+ 4 crit rating
Required level:27
Uncommon (green) quality

Crafting Materials:
3 bolts of silk cloth
1 fine thread (purchased with a few copper from the tailoring supply vendor)

The difference pre-patch and post-patch are huge!
By adding 8 spirit and 4 crit, it just became the only helm in the 20-29 bracket to give crit rating. There are only two caps better than it an both are blue, one of which is bop and requires farming of gnomeregan, and the other a rare drop that fetches over 50 gold.

In contrast you only require 3 bolts of silk cloth to craft one silk headband, on most servers, this would probably cost 50-60 silver. You could likely resell this back to the twink market at a modest 3-5 g markup. While its nothing spectacular for lvl 80s, it'll help lower level fellows work towards their epic mount with a few minutes work a day listing it up on the AH.

And if worse comes to worse, when everyone is squeezing in the same niche as you, well, you can always mail it for disenchanting, now that its an uncommon quality item!

Check back next time for more lowbie nuggets!
As for the lvl 70s and 80s out there, my next post will cover a gold making opportunity that would be for higher levelled characters