Friday, May 1, 2009

Noblegarden: Musings and Round-up

First of all, in between the end of noblegarden and the start of children's week, Gevlon is back!

Well, there's only about half a day to a day before Noblegarden will end, I hope everyone has gotten their eggs! One thing I noticed in the last few days is that all the jerks who were polluting the areas on Days 1 to 2 have mostly scooted off, after finalling getting their achievement, or had their fill of griefing other people.

Because of that, it was most heartening to see good folks abound at the starting zones! Kaliope has shared some of her memorable experiences and I figured it would be a good time to share mine too!

I would see people around making heavy use of general chat, be it offering their blossoming branches for un'goro's hard-boiled, or sharing their tuxedos and dresses so everyone could be a part of it and easily get their achievements instead of running all around the place.
Its really nice to see "/1: anyone needs a tuxedo to get their achieve? pst me" instead of people going "/1: Tard get the F out of my camp spot". None of the asshats in Big Bear Butt's post were egg hunting thse past few days.

As for the Shake your Bunny maker, I really do think its more of a playful nod then anything in particular. But like here and here. I do have some thoughts on the matter too!

It was interesting that the most sought after and wanted females weren't the blood elves, or draeneis, or humans or night elves, the ones that there were crowds and mobs spilled all over the streets in dalaran were all clustered around Orcs and Trolls Females, which I dare say you would agree are a distance from being either photogenic or a face you would want on a playboy magazine! Regardless of the motivations of the achievement author, I would say that Females from the Tauren Orcs and Troll races finally got their time in the spotlight! Or the carrot light with bunny ears.
It reminds me greatly of the Dove advertisment quite a while back about true beauty! (and photoshop...)

For those of you rushing to complete your achievement before the clock ticks over, here's also the best circuit to do the desert flowers achieve:
-> From dalaran, take caverns of time portal to Tanaris
-> mount up and ride all the way to thousand needles, once you enter the region, pop your flower and ride back to the tanaris flightmaster outside gadgetzan and fly to...
->Slithus, plant it right there, and fly to...
-> Desolace, yeah you can plant it on the docks or anywhere really
-> fly to ratchet and take the boat to booty bay
-> following which you take the flight path to badlands and get your achievement!

And for all of you who have "the noble"
I guess its time to start on children's week!
But please do give a thought also for the real children out in the real world, and hop over to Brigwyn's children's week child's play auctions and give him a hand in doing your part for charity!

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