Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cactus, Volume 1

There is a saying that cacti are the most low maintenance plant you could ever get. It doesn't need watering, you can just put it in a pot and leave it there and it just lives, without any leaves. Or actually it does, but you already knew that. To have it die, you practically have to kill it by cutting it apart and drinking its life fluids. And even then it regrows.

Like wolverine! The movie one, with claws.

Actually, I watched the movie for Gambit, all 2 minutes of the accumulated screen time he had.

120 seconds...

I digress,
Back to cacti

My point is that, they're effectively unkillable(yeah I made that word up), and yet
All of us, you, me, have at least a friend.
The friend, who manages to kill every single pet or plant under their care.
cat? check
goldfish? check
cactus? check

Well, recently, it has come to my attention that I am just like that with computers

I've mentioned before that I had been posting on a borrowed laptop.

"Was", being the operative word

That I was mortified was an understatement
Grimacing, I placed a call to my friend

Sherry(me): I have good news and bad news
Friend: That sounds ominous, I think I'll take the good news first
Sherry: The good news is, there is only one bad news
Friend: ... (trepidation)
Sherry: As for the bad news, I just blew your laptop up

Somehow, it spontaneously combusted

It wasn't my fault!!!

To be continued...

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