Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Guest post on warcraftecon.net!

Wow, the guest post I wrote here sure brought in a bucketload of traffic. Here's a big hello to all of you who came from over there!

If you have came all the way here, I take it you have like the post on the opportunity in low skill crafting professions, so as not to disappoint, I'll be writing another article on some of the changes made to crafting items in a short while.

In the meantime, enjoy your visit here!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Turbo Charge your Twink Jeans

I've been spending quite a while in vanilla wow, but now I'm going to be taking a look at outland professions in this particular entry. Tailors and leatherworkers should have an inkling about what this will entail, but for the rest, this will be a gold making post on leg armor kits and spellthreads.

Namely: Nethercobra Leg Armor, Nethercleft Leg Armor, Golden Spellthread, and Runic Spellthread
and then their blue (rare) equivalents

Why are these leg enchants still useful, you may wonder. Well, unlike the WotLK leg enchants, the burning crusade enchants can be used by a lvl 60 on a pair of BoE twink pants, and then mailed to the twink. This works pretty much for all brackets, making it a must have for any serious twinks.

With most lvl 70s and higher running around in northrend, the people who have achieved exalted with the required Burning Crusade factions are few and far between, so there are less kits and threads on the auction house these days. You can take advantage of this to make and list these enchants for between 200-250 gold, and make a tidy profit. (Depending on server demand and supply naturally) The mats themselves are pretty easy to get, perhaps between 80-120 raw costs when purchased from AH and thus about 100 gold profit, or you could go back to Outlands and farm them yourself, which should be rather easy if you have a strong lvl 80 leatherworker or tailorer.

Case Studies:
Nethercleft Leg Armor
16x Clefthoof leather = 16 x 5g = 80g
1 x Primal Nether = 1 x 2g = 2g
8 x Primal Earth = 8 x 2.5g = 20g
4 x Heavy Knothide Leather = 4 x 5g = 20g
Total = 122 g

Sold for 265g, approximately 250 g after AH cut, and thus 128 gold in profits!

Tailors have an easier time, in making
Runic Spellthread
1 x Rune thread (from tailor supplies vendor)
10 x Primal Mana (or life for golden) = 7 x 10 = 70g
1 x Primal Nether = 1 x 2g = 2g
Total = 75 g
Sells for 180-230 gold, which would give you a profit of around 100 gold too.

Sell them one by one, or two by two, and you should make a steady 100-200g extra per leg kit each day!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Low level mischief, whistles and hatchlings

Here's a tip that is pretty well known, but which effectiveness would vary from server to server.
It has to do with listing vendor sold pets on the AH for profit.

The first is the prairie dog whistle, which you can obtain from thunderbluff. If you park your bank in thunderbluff like I do (since it is much less laggy than crowded orgrimmar) its a vendor pet that is extremely easy to obtain, costs 50 silver, and would sell for 5 - 10 gold on the auction house. It sells because the extra few gold premium that buyers pay for it is equivalent to the opportunity cost of them making their way to thunderbluff all the way from undercity or orgrimmar.

Another good place is Eversong Woods, where you can buy the different dragonhawk hatchlings. This particular trick will take a bit more work, since you must run quite a bit from silvermoon city (another good place to park an alt) to fairbreeze village, and then back again to relist in on the AH. Alternatively, you could simply roll a new blood elf and run it to the village, and simply mail it to your bank alt. The dragonhawks costs the same, but can sell for slightly more, sometimes even for 15 gold.

What you can also do in addition to these, is to bring those two pets to the neutral auction house in booty bay. Since these are horde specific, alliance players will also pay extra for access to these pets. Combined together, the effective marketing and selling of the pets is a good way to make gold at both low and high levels.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Profession Recipe Goodies in Icecrown!

I was journeying through icecrown hitting up the quests from the recalcitrant death knights and devout argent crusaders, when all of a sudden I espied a recipe drop from one of the mobs I demolished. The mob skeletal runesmith, had just dropped Enchant cloak - Superior Fire Resistance.

It was just the thing I was looking for, a handy cloak enchant in preparation for Sartharion 3 drakes. An extra 20 fire resist to a cloak slot that does not have much in the way of useful enchants is certainly a nice bonus. After wowheading it though, I realize that this discovery was more than just a PvE boost, but an opportunity to make a few hundred more gold before WoW enters 3.1 Ulduar.

Unlike other Bind on Pickup alchemy and leatherworking drops from the same mobs, this recipe can actually be traded and placed on the auction house, although if you have one in your inventory the recipe will not drop again for you. What you can do is to send the enchant recipe to an alt, who will then place it on the AH. It currently looks to go from 200-400 gold depending on market saturation.

This is one way to stock up on this enchant recipe for enchanters, which I believe will increase in importance during Ulduar. A cursory view of the bosses in ulduar shows us several bosses that would require elemental resistances:

Hodir's Frozen Blows, it does 40,000 raw frost damage that definitely requires frost resistance for mitigation. Tanks will certainly want to top up their slightly outdated ilvl 213 frost resist gear with extra frost resist enchants. The recipe can be obtained from the damned apothecarists.

Fire Resist is currently still useful for tanks doing Sartharion with 3 drakes, and might also come in play on the hard mode of Ignis the firestarter.

Nature Resist from the cult alchemist, might be useful on the freyja fight although I am still unclear as to whether nature resistance would be required.

Finally, Shadow resistance from the cultist shard watcher, would very probably in fights against bosses dishing out shadow damage, notably Yogg-Saron. Certain bosses from the ptr also appear to deal hefty amounts of shadow damage.

A few weeks after Ulduar is released, hard core raiders will be moving into more challenging modes of the encounters, and would start doing such specialised regearing and customization. This period of time would be ideal to liquidate the stock of Enchanting Recipes. At the very least, once would also be able to pick up fur lining or protection recipes if they were also leatherworkers or alchemists in addition to enchanting while farming for those recipes.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Making Gold at very low levels

As I was levelling my lvl 38 twink/alt through stranglethorn vale, I would mail some items off for my bank alt to sell, and some to sell in the Auction House so as to make some gold on the side.

After a few days of about 15 minutes each, I realise that there is a very good opportunity in this untapped market. Here are 2 things to watch out for when you are in the area!

1)Elemental Water:
There's a tiny little island towards the northwest of Stranglethorn Vale which is full of water elementals, they have the best drop of elemental water that I have ever seen so far. Elemental Water is used for many recipes and goes surprising well on the medivh Auction House, from 15-25 gold. Do take care to post only when there are no other competing Elemental Waters on the auction house however, so as to maximise your profit. Trade volumes for this item are low however, so there should be plenty of opportunities to make some gold of this!

2) The green hills of stranglethorn:
Everyone knows this papers drop all over the place in this area, but it doesn't occur to many that there is a Neutral Auction House right in Booty Bay where they can immediately trade and sell these quest items! Alliance and Horde on medivh will both be looking for this items to turn in for quick experience, and you could be the one to sell them each piece for 1 gold to 5 gold.

Once again, make sure there are no competitors before you post your goods!

Update: Shacknews did an interesting article over what kaplan(tigole) said about the Green Hills quest, I intend to post about it soon.
Here's to your low level hero making some gold at 40!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Making Gold On Medivh

I'm Sherry and I play on the Medivh server, and I would like to share with everyone my tips and tricks for making gold in world of warcraft