Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cactus, Volume 2

Leap of Faith: +15 dodge

Following the grim phone call, I was thereafter informed by my friend that her laptop was still under 24 hours on site repair service.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I hurried off to make another phone call

Amazingly, I managed to secure a living person on the other side of the line!

Yep, no computer operator

To top it off, a repairman will be dispatched off to my house the next day.

It took a bit of trouble, but I was able to convince the repairman that I was actually, my friend.

Repairman: Did you just move house? The address is different from our records.

Me: Um, no, just taking a break over at my friends house, my house is undergoing renovations

Repairman: I see, and your friend doesn't happen to be at home...

Me: Could we get on with repairing the laptop?

It was then that I was introduced to their method of performing maintenance on damaged devices. After fiddling with the laptop for a while, he concluded that the motherboard must have somehow exploded and that he would conduct repairs on the spot.

By repairs, he meant replacing the whole laptop.

By replacing, he meant taking the hard drive out from the old spoiled laptop into an entirely new laptop, of which the empty hard drive he would now replace with the old laptop's hard drive.

Old hard drive into new laptop, remaining parts sent back to his company.


That was probably the most incredible IT repair job I've ever seen.

Its like finding a burst tyre wheel in your car, and having the insurance company buy you a brand new car.

Its like finding a rotten apple in a fridge, and waking up the next day to see an entirely new fridge.

Just wow, I mean, its normal if you see a fly in you soup, and get a new soup or some other appetizer in replacement.

But a whole new laptop?
I'm buying their goods, and slapping a very long repair service bundle on it.

Hey I think there's an ant in my laptop.
No problem ma'am, here's a new one.


Anonymous said...

The motherboard is too troublesome to replace. It is much more efficient to just replace the laptop.

Strip Poker said...

Analogues exist?