Monday, May 11, 2009

Passing Guild Leadership

Well, this past few weeks, my guild has been making modest progress under new leadership. I have only recently officially handed it off an officer to manage, and as far as I have had heard, things are going well.

This had brought a burden off my back, and I've found using modern tools like Msn messenger (or whichever messenger is used), Skype, and Ventrilo, to be immensely useful in the decision making process.

As a result, I will take a break from spearheading progression, although I will not be completely absent from all runs. And this way, I get a peaceful lull to spend more time on this site.

I'm still using an interim com borrowed from a friend at the moment, so 25 man raiding is a bit too much of a lagfest, but 10 mans are okay, and of course the friendly auction house beckons. I would think that gold-making is probably one of the best aspects of wow that you can do on a graphics card challenged computer!

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