Monday, May 25, 2009

A summary and shoutouts

This has been long overdue, but its time to give shoutouts to the people who have featured this blog!
Where I am now a guest poster, the most recent was about gem recovery, and my first was about spidersilk boots
Recently, they found value in my stormjewel item guide and featured it in their weekly blog post roll.

Markco's Blog
About a month back, when everyone was still in a tizzy over 3.1, he featured my post on eov bracers which you can read over here

Big Bear butt
For directing his visitors to a humor list I wrote for Noblegarden week

If you're new to the site, or have only been here recently, you might want to look out on the things you might have missed out on!

One of the more popular articles amongst guilds has been my short series on Flame Leviathan, if you are intending to do hard modes anytime soon you might want to check it out.
an update on flame leviathan information, as well as a theorized hard mode tower to rewards list
the first flame leviathan article

Another recent one is the hateful and deadly pvp gear that you can now buy with honor in 3.1

If you're an enchanter for your guild, you might also want to check out the cloak enchants for resistance that you can obtain in icecrown for use in guild progression against the elemental damage that some bosses throw out

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