Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Noble on Medivh, my ultimate egg spawn point spot

And that is it for me, noblegarden is as good as over. I have braved many ignoble people, but at long last I have my eggs and meta-achievement.

As is customary, here is my top secret hunting location that I now share with you.

Yep, 5 spawn points, literally right next to each other. You don't even have to move a single yard. Also, the grass patch and alcove nearby will also have 3 spawn points each.

If you can find a quiet time, you can probably round up 7 eggs per minute, its almost like fishing. If there is really no one around, its pretty helpful to read a book or newspaper/blog as you wait for it to spawn. Even on busy times, a lot of people will miss quite a bit of the spots you can see above.

That is my easter gift to you!
The ultimate noblegarden egg spawn point spot.

I'll have one or two more posts up soon on my thoughts about this week, as well as a gold related post (yes, finally). Check back soon!

For those who wish to see my previous post on how to deal with noblegarden jerks, here are the 6 ways to kick their ass.


Cathy said...

Yeah I had found it much easier to find one little area than traveling all over the little towns. Usually people would leave me to my space if I was stood in one area. I got the few things I wanted like the pretty pink dress and bunny ears:) I was a happy camper. (literally) hehe

Jenny said...

I sat in Durotar on a cooking pot. xD As a rabbit.

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