Monday, April 27, 2009

6 types of Noblegarden Griefers and how to deal with the cheap tricks they employ

For those of you who need a egg spawn spot, the link right there will show you the one I used. It'll get you your spring rabbit in a jiffy.

With noblegarden on the servers, jerks have been finding new ways to annoy the rest of the rabbit loving populace. They are out to get you, but never fear, I present some of the greatest ways to take terrifying terrifying vengeance back on them...

In order of frustration:

6) The Mailbox Camper

You know this person, he's the Tauren on his Kodo humped over the mailbox, or the Draenei on his elekk blocking a quest-giver, or anyone with a mammoth and an Napolean Complex. He's been griefing since you were a level 1, blocking your access to anything that ever needs you to right click.

Now, he has plonked his big fat kodo butt over your egg spawn point, and he's not going to budge.

Here's how to resolve this overgrown monstrosity:

It has wiped raids from thaddius to kologarn, it shall now wipe the floor off of mammoths, I present



This particular mammoth was innocent, but was unfortunately the only one I could find in Dalaran.

5) The wannabe cat druid

He's a disgrace to the tauren and night elf druid community everywhere. This is the druid that shapeshifts to flight form just to nab that herb node from under your nose when you're clearing the mob, or that particular water hyacinth that you're trying to get when there are 12 other hyacinth right in the area for him to go to.

This is the cat that whizzes around the starter zone and hovers about until you start seeing an egg and moving towards it, then he sprints up, takes it, and /spit on you. Following that he tails you for another 10 minutes, blowing his sprint cooldown whenever he can just to aggravate you.

Here's how to give him a tight smack:
your 100% mount
mount up, ride to the other edge of the zone, loot your egg.

thanks for the rabbit on dreadsteed picture!

If that didn't work, you might want to take a stick out of his book, and turn the following griefer style back on him:

4) The AFK-Looter

Yep, another person you know. Its THAT person, THAT person who jumps at Alexstraza's Cache in Eye of Eternity and refuses to budge. THAT person who clicks-clicks-clicks on the 4 Horseman Chest and then goes off to the toilet for 15 minutes. He does this for everything that can be opened, from quest chests to loot chests, he's the bane of questers and masterlooters everywhere.

You will see this guy run towards the egg, and start opening it, and...
stand there for the next half an hour.

Well, its actually not that harmful, as even though he takes up an egg spawn point, there are still plenty more to go around. Its a good counter-measure against the no. 5 griefer however.

3) Your zone has a sudden infestation of all three griefer types mentioned above

Ouch, it happens. You'll need to break out the big guns for this one.

Remember the Elune stones, the moonstones, Archmage Valganoth summoning staff, BRD drill machine, Crashing Thrashing Racer? Take them all out of your bank and go crazy. If your class has flashy aoe, go all out with that too. With all the flash and bang from that, maybe they'll think twice about coming near you if you make it hard for them to see the eggs too.

2) You have no. 3, and to compound it, you must face the Lag Monster.

You're in Elwynn Forest, or Durotar, and you have the entire server population there with you. There isn't a square pixel without a rabbit or two, and each spawn point is overflowing with rabbits AND their rabbit pets. But wait, all the jerks on your server are also there with you! You see sparks start flying, and Noblegarden is starting to look like a really bad time to log into wow...

It might just be a good time to visit some old places that you've never been to for a long while, like Mulgore for the Horde, and Dolanaar for the Alliance. They look to be 50% to 67% less crowded for the servers I've looked at, and there'll be less jerks anyway!

1) Exasperation

You've come into Noblegarden looking for a good time, either frolicking with cute rabbits, or perhaps one of your pitstops in getting a 310% speed violet proto-drake, but you've had your mood fouled by quite a bit of these jerks in your first few days of the event.

Well, now this is a hard one to combat. Its not easy to fight off endemic greed when its every other person you see in the starting zone who thinks its a dog eat dog world out here in a virtual game world. While we can't do anything directly to them to stop them from polluting our grasslands, (wtb ability to attack own faction) I feel the best way to counter their plague is to:

Do a nice deed as your "daily quest"
Just because so many people are out to screw other people over, doesn't mean you have to let them make someone else's life miserable!

Just a few hours ago, I waved a lvl 58 over to my egg spawn point after watching her being mercilessly beaten to egg spots by a no. 5 cat druid griefer. (lvl 58s still have to use the 60% mount I guess) I simply AFK-Looted the egg until she came over, and then closed my window so she could loot it.

Later on, when I was going to do the hot springs achievement in un'goro, my rabbit disguise got broke because of the devilsaur >_<. It just so happened that the same lvl paladin was around to throw a timely blossoming branch to turn me back into the rabbit and get my achievement!

If your day is being ruined by Ignoble-garden Jerks, try to make someone else's day! Karma will be sure to turn around for you! At the very least, you would be glad having put a smile in another person's heart!

If you missed out on the spawn point at the top, I've updated it and the link is here!


Orbitz said...

A way amusing post, and your last bit I completely believe about Karma. Happy Noblegarden! (Not for the griefers though... go jump into a pot so we can have some stew...)

Honors Code said...

If you do the quest "A Tisket, A Tasket, a Noblegarden Basket", the reward is an Egg Basket that you can equip in the offhand. The "On Use" is a sprint type ability which will help with #5.

Although, I saw someone zoom right past an egg more than once with their sprint up.

Sherry said...

Thank you Orbitz, a happy noble garden to you too!

Honorscode, yep, its really cute to see all the rabbits zipping about :D it would be cool to see a egg basket in the small rabbit hands though!