Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rolling Recaps

Normally on tuesdays, I would be sniping last minute auction house bids to get the best deal, but it looks to be rolling resets today, so I was chilling with friends at a cafe instead of camping the AH. I'll probably run around collecting limited supply vendor items once I reach home.

In the meantime however, maybe you'd like to have a recap on what is available on this blog thus far?

The posts currently on this blog can be separated into certain accessibility tiers, ensuring that there is at least one gold making strategy available to everyone! Here we go:

For anyone (lvl 1+)
Explanation of a tried and true method used to build up seed money on new servers, or for people new to wow.
This post guides you on how to sell vendor pets to other players through the AH to make a few quick dozen gold pieces even on your level 1 character!

My guest post at warcraftecon
This article shows you how to prepare for patch 3.1, even if you're not lvl 80, but have tailoring

A follow up to the above article
This one is for Leatherworkers!

For people with burning crusade (lvl 60+)

The last lvl 70 daily you'll ever do!
This is for everyone! Even if your fishing skill is 1

On the good old burning crusade reputation earned leg enchants
Yes, those agonizing days spent grinding thrallmar rep, can still earn you decent money!

For people with WOTLK (lvl 70+)

Icecrown Resistance goodies
Get them while they're hot! Guilds will be needing them in ulduar

And that's it for this round, hope you find this recap useful
Over and out!

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