Friday, April 3, 2009

The last lvl 70 daily to do

If you're lvl 71 and up, you might know that the lvl 70 dailies you spent half an hour everyday doing rewards much less gold than you were used to due to the conversion of gold to experience. As a result, the Isle of Quel'danas dailies only gave out about 4-5 gold, and quickly became deserted.
These days, no one even goes to shattrath anymore.

However, there is one lvl 70 daily quest you might not want to miss!

That would be the fishing dailies that starts off in Terrokar Forest,

It's a quest that sends you around the world catching fishes, upon which you receive a bag of fishing treasures. The reason why this quest is still profitable is because all the rewards for this quest comes from the bag, which gives you pure gold (about 5-10 that averages to 7gold19silver) which does not get converted into experience, nor is affected by the gray quest level. Furthermore, you will get pretty decent vendor junk (which can go up to 10-25 gold) as well as "pimp my bank alt" equipment!

Here are a few things you can expect to get:
Noble's Monocle that you might have fun selling in trade chat.
Antique Silver Cufflinks: Wowhead's buyout price for this is 50g!
The 2 Ring which might still have collector's value

And if you're worried about your fishing level being insufficient, you would be glad to know that there's a chance in 5 of you getting the crocolisk quest, which requires a fishing skill of 1.
You basically have to fish up a crocodile in orgrimmar, stormwind or ironforge, hearth back to dalaran and take the portal to shattrath again.
To top it off, its the only way to get one of three extremely rare crocodile pets, like chuck

So if you're preparing to skill up your fishing before patch 3.1 and the lvl 80 fishing dailies hit, do pop by good old shattrath once in a while and help me say hi to A'dal!

And don't worry about competition, for one, no one is in outlands these days but death knights.
For two, no one can steal your fishes from you!

P.S. for exact step by step guides to each of the five dailies, stop by El's Anglin

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