Wednesday, April 1, 2009

3.1 low level crafting item feature: Silk Headband

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As promised, here is another update on twink level crafted items that will come into vogue when Ulduar hits live:

For the previous item feature at warcraftecon, hit here

Today, we'll be taking a look at the silk headband, a white item on live servers.

Silk headband 3.0x
34 Armor
Required level:27
Normal (white) quality

Silk Headband 3.1+
34 Armor
+2 int
+8 Spi
+ 4 crit rating
Required level:27
Uncommon (green) quality

Crafting Materials:
3 bolts of silk cloth
1 fine thread (purchased with a few copper from the tailoring supply vendor)

The difference pre-patch and post-patch are huge!
By adding 8 spirit and 4 crit, it just became the only helm in the 20-29 bracket to give crit rating. There are only two caps better than it an both are blue, one of which is bop and requires farming of gnomeregan, and the other a rare drop that fetches over 50 gold.

In contrast you only require 3 bolts of silk cloth to craft one silk headband, on most servers, this would probably cost 50-60 silver. You could likely resell this back to the twink market at a modest 3-5 g markup. While its nothing spectacular for lvl 80s, it'll help lower level fellows work towards their epic mount with a few minutes work a day listing it up on the AH.

And if worse comes to worse, when everyone is squeezing in the same niche as you, well, you can always mail it for disenchanting, now that its an uncommon quality item!

Check back next time for more lowbie nuggets!
As for the lvl 70s and 80s out there, my next post will cover a gold making opportunity that would be for higher levelled characters

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