Thursday, June 4, 2009

What I buy (and sell)

*Warning, picture intensive*

*names have been blurred for their privacy*

I've been hectic raiding this past couple of days, but now that we're just sitting on bosses and I rarely do 10 man I'll take the time to get back to gold making! The plate runed orb crafted belt is looking pretty good.

This week, due to a lack of time on my part, I focused on the highest profit to item slot markets, and you can see the results as follows!

My best haul of the week was spying a lvl 80 Ulduar drop recipe on the Auction House for a pretty low price of 2500 gold. Knowing that it was a steal, and taking a gamble, I bought it out immediately and waited a day before relisting it back on the Auction house for 5500 gold.

You can see how it turned out here:

In effect, that was 2725 gold just sitting by the Auction House and mailbox for not even a minute of going through the motions!

While I do not recommend beginners to do this, existing players with big pockets would be interested in this particular avenue of opportunity.

Most recipes will go through similarly well, but keep in mind that some recipes do not provide that good a slot item for certain class and specs, and that will devalue them in the time to come.

My most important advice if you're in this line, is that, you really need to sell them fast and quickly, even if it means taking a small cut in profits. The recipe drop of Ulduar can be quite volatile, and there are raiders and puggers out there wanting to make a quick buck.


Justamom said...

Wow I had no idea there would be that kind of profit from those recipes. I was thinking that probably 3k would be about right. I'll certainly keep my eyes open for these.


Sherry said...

Ah yes, they are really great for instant flips and reselling as a flavor of the month sort of gold tip. I've managed to sell about 5 recipes so far, but I've ended up recently with one recipe that just has no buyers. So I would warn once more to take caution with this tip!