Monday, June 1, 2009


Haha, I know I havn't been posting much,
But I've been busy working out the kinks between Thorim and Hodir

Now that its down:

Mimiron I'm looking at you!

(maybe I'll upload some pictures for that)

I was too excited on the hodir kill that both him and the chest despawned after that.


In the meantime, here's some things I've found useful:

MMO Champion have re-released and re-updated their loot lists for ulduar,
I had been waiting for this for quite a while!
But be warned, their 10 man hard loot weapons aren't updated to the ilvl 232 versions yet.

Here's some raiding videos I had fun watching while commuting:
Taken from MMO champ again

Third world Algalon Kill
I thought the song went quite well

10 Man Flame Leviathan 2 manned
This just smacks of gold making opportunities, take your lvl 80 alt with another skilled players lvl 80 alt, and watch the epics roll in! It reminds me of the time when 8 dps zerged sarth, I'm pretty sure an underman of a FL-25 should be possible

Scheduled Programming returning soon!

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